Sometimes, you may feel like you’re on an assembly line – just a number – as opposed to a person with real risks, questions and concerns.  The medical care you’re getting feels rushed, reactive and behind the times.  You wonder if your trusted medical advisers are keeping up with latest news, innovations and technology.

There’s a better way.

We take a comprehensive, proactive approach to your eye care.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised that our staff and doctors actually take the time to understand your specific concerns, questions and medical issues.  This helps us to learn what solutions best fit your lifestyle and individual needs, and prescribe the result that enhances your vision and protects your eyesight for years to come.  

Mountain View Optometry explores your unique medical and lifestyle needs to deliver proactive solutions, including innovative approaches to conventional methods.

Healthy eyes and clear vision is a team effort.  You are entrusting us to be thorough and up to date in our examination and treatment methods.  We need you to take an active role in your eye care decisions.

The key to this is education.

Our patients who are the most informed stand the best chance of maintaining clear vision for a lifetime.  This process does not stop once you leave our office after your appointment.  We are committed to informing you of any new technology, products or information as soon as it becomes available.  Our monthly e-newsletters are produced by us, with articles written by our doctors about the latest most relevant topics.  Our informative videos are also a popular way of learning about what’s new in eye care.

You’ll also find that we place a special emphasis on equipment and technology.  Although a new instrument or piece of equipment cannot diagnose glaucoma, provide you with the most accurate eyeglass prescription, or figure out why your eyes are red and irritated, modern, up-to-date equipment plays an important role in our eye care practice.  At Mountain View Optometry you’ll see equipment and technology that you’ve probably never seen before.  You will also see something new almost every year you come in to have your eyes examined.

Many people are finding that the current system and methods are no longer working for them. They are beginning to educate themselves and take a more active role in their own health care decisions.  They want to work with health care providers who respect that.  Please read about our practice philosophy.

If you’re truly interested in pursuing more preventive, proactive health care for yourself and your family, it’s important to find health care providers who are aligned with your views.

Give us a call at Cochrane or NW Calgary (Crowfoot), or request an appointment online. We look forward to discovering the best solutions for your eye health and delivering the eye care experience you deserve.

Dr. Tom Wilk, Dr. Michele Naruszewicz and Associates
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